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Wednesday, August 30, 2023



Orca's Wisdom Includes:
    ∞ Creator of the Cosmos
    ∞ Having the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc.
    ∞ Freeing the soul from the physical body
    ∞ Controlling rainfall on Earth
    ∞ Using the vibrational energy of song to heal
    ∞ Assisting humans in finding their soul's song
    ∞ Soul memory
    ∞ Seeing the unseen
    ∞ Teaching the ability to seal soul fissures and energy leaks

According to coastal Indians, Orca was created by the hunter who carved a "blackfish" out of yellow cedar and commanded it to kill his wicked in-laws. Orca tore the men to bits and returned to the Tlingit man, Natsalane, who then ordered the sleek animals never again to prey on humans. And, to this day, Orca, the top predator of the sea, doesn’t eat people. Indeed, the Tlingit people of southeast Alaska consider Orca a custodian of the sea.

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