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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Resplendent Quetzal


an endangered species

Resplendent Quetzal's Wisdom Includes:
    ∞ Sacred bird of the ancient Mayas and Aztecs
    ∞ Sacred bird of the Cloud forest
    ∞ Freedom
    ∞ Symbol of wealth
    ∞ Invisibility
    ∞ Stillness
    ∞ Diversity
Mayan legend describes how the bird got its crimson breast. When the Mayan chieftain Tecun Uman fell in battle, mortally wounded by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, a gold-and-green quetzal landed on his chest. As the chieftain died, the bird flew off, its breast forever stained with the blood of the Mayan.

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