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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Cougar, Mountain Lion, Puma

Florida panther and Easter puma critically endangered species

Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma's Wisdom Includes:
    ∞ Using leadership power wisely and without ego
    ∞ Balancing power, intention, strength
    ∞ Gaining self-confidence
    ∞ Freedom from guilt
    ∞ Cunning

For the Zunis of Turtle Island (Southwest United States), Cougar was the Master Hunter, known for its high intelligence, its knowledge of other animal and life forms, its physical prowess, its strength of will, and its intuitive ability. Cougar sees the maintenance of its territory as essential for its survival. Poshaiankia, the father of the Medicine Societies, designated Cougar the duty of carrying messages from humans to the higher spirits, because of this animal’s personal power, superior knowledge, strength of will, and steadfastness. Therefore, Cougar represents the link between ourselves and the most powerful spirits in Zuni Mythology: Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Originator of All.

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