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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Cow, Bull, Heifer


"Opie" from Farm Sanctuary

Cow/Bull's Wisdom Includes:

    ∞ Being alert to danger

    ∞ Contentment
    ∞ Cow: Connection to the Great Mother Goddess 
        • I have found this to also be true of bulls*
    ∞ Love
    ∞ Connection to the grasses
    ∞ Sharing through community
    ∞ Bull: Ability to stand your ground 
        • I have found this to also be true of cows*
    ∞ Heifer: Playfulness and joy*
        • I have no idea why heifer wanted to be included specifically. I'm quite confused by it, considering that a heifer is a young cow who has never been pregnant.*
There is a connection to Hebrew and Celtic myths and practices related to sacred red cows. Cows are also sacred in India. *

*added by Ruth-Renate 

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