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Monday, September 4, 2023


I am not a shaman. 
I am an animist. 

I believe that there is a spirit inside of every single thing in existence; in all of matter, known and unknown. 

I believe that every animal has a soul, and each animal is a unique being; the same way that humans are. 

I believe that every mortal creature needs to be respected as mortal, and that we humans have a tendency to put too much spiritual pressure on animals. 

I believe that we need to do everything we can to protect, sustain, and grow life on earth, and that reparations needs to be made to all indigenous peoples.

I am no one special. Merely someone doing her best to preserve the work of the Animal Spirits did with Diana  Roth. I loved the original site animalspirits.com. It was the most comprehensive with the information for each animal being simple to digest. I referred people to it all the time.  When I heard Diana had passed I decided it was time to save all of the words and pictures from that site. Good thing too, because all of her work was saved on servers in Australia and after the fires there the data was lost. 

About a year or so later, the Animal Spirits asked me to put the site up, and I did, on my website www.ladyofradiantjoy.org. However, apparently the way I set it up inhibited the ability of the site search function. That was untenable. I was therefore guided to recreate the website again, purchasing animalspirits.info and putting the original name back in focus. 

Much love and life!
Ruth-Renate ^__^

PS: There are some things that Diana felt was important that I don't understand, like the order of appearance (hence that post) and the Swahili name for some animals. I don't know, but I preserved the information to honor that, while also honoring making a more easily searchable website for the next generation to use. 

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