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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Jumping Spider

image from Wikipedia

Jumping Spider's Wisdom includes:*

    ∞ Ability to shed the outer skin (masks) and transform

    ∞ Creativity
    ∞ Spinning a web to entrap enemies
    ∞ Defense of territory
    ∞ Intimidation by jumping, (not size because they say they be little yo)
    ∞ Use of environment to conceal oneself
    ∞ Wisdom in who to trust, and to stay safe
    ∞ Healing of that which terrifies you.

Note: I (Ruth-Renate) had a jumping spider, black and white, and really big and beautiful, visit me in my kitchen which was interesting since the night before I asked for the angelic spiders to help in healing my fears. The Spirit told me that jumping spiders are more like tarantulas and that I should look up the Wisdom of Tarantulas from animalspirits.com to find the wisdom the two types of spiders share.

*added by Ruth-Renate

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