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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Kingfisher, Kookaburra

 According to Greek legend, Ceyx and Halcyon were wed. Shortly thereafter Ceyx had to make a long voyage and he drowned during a storm. Halcyon waited for his return for months. Then one day his body washed ashore. In her grief she threw herself into the ocean. The gods were moved by her love and grief. She and her husband were turned into Kingfishers and were reunited in love and peace. The Gods then declared that from one week before the winter solstice through one week after it, the seas would be calm and sun would shine. This time of peace is called the "Halycon Days".

Kingfisher/Kookaburra's Wisdom Includes:
    ∞ Connection to peaceful seas
    ∞ Happiness and love
    ∞ Peace
    ∞ Indifference to surroundings
    ∞ Clear vision through emotional waters
    ∞ Ability to dive (focus) into emotional waters and catch ones dreams

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