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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

My Spirit Animal Guide Journey

How did I get into spirit animal guides and finding them for other people? 

I used to be a part of a Mormon Facebook group about developing your spiritual gifts (when I was all in on the Mormonism thing). Mormonism, the religion of my birth, talks about us all having different spiritual gifts from God. It's also spoken of in the New Testament. Someone in that group mentioned spirit animal guides. 

My very first reaction to this was OH GOD FALSE DOCTRINE. But, I took some deep breaths. And immediately prayed about it. A moment later I heard a voice blossoming in my mind say, "They're Holy Ghost helpers."

OH! And just like that, I was fine. I had already come to the conclusion reading scripture that the Holy Ghost had Holy ghost helpers, considering visions of angels, ascended being, etc. 

Later, someone offered to the group to find theirs. It was one of their spiritual gifts they had developed. I chimed in with a yes, please, completely certain that I know what my spirit animal guide was, and with that in mind, I also said to do me last. Well, the poor woman got so many requests she had to cap it, and that meant I got left out, except surprise surprise, a few days later she said that someone anonymously paid for me to get a spirit animal guide reading! I was floored!

Of course I accepted, and she told me that mine, who has been with me all of my life, was a Charolais heifer with a lovely message and her name was Bells. She had presented herself as shy and showed a vision of a wide variety of bells and chimes. And a message, part of which is to stay grounded and connected.   

I had two simultaneous reactions. A powerful spiritual gut reaction knowing that this is true. I even saw her image flash through my mind. I also thought, a cow, seriously? We eat those. 

Eh heh. 

And thus it took me about three months to get over myself. No wonder she appeared shy. Because she knew I had animal bias against cows! I had no idea. 

But the weird thing is, when my ex-boyfriend talked about going cow tipping in the middle of the night and how funny that was I was incensed. I told him it was mean to the cows and they didn't deserve that. During a three day hike at Girl's Camp, I saw a cow on the trial, so close, no fence, and I stopped and just looked at it. I was so close that I could reach out with my hand and touch the cow's face. I wanted to. But my leaders yelled at me to get a move on and to not touch it since it might attack me. To this day, I don't think it would have. 

But yeah, three months for me to get over myself and my animal bias. Once I did though, it has been wonderful knowing her. We are such good friends. I didn't realize it before, but there were times when she was the one helping me and directing me and I didn't even  know it was her. She was just "The Spirit" (aka:  The Holy Ghost). 

My child soon found hers, and discovered that it was so easy for her to know what other people's spirit animal guides were. However, they were only 11 years old, and people, myself included as I was the go between and the  one talking about it, would ask her to find theirs. They found it off putting because to them it was private and they didn't wanna know; and my child was a child! They needed to be a kid and to play and we weren't really respecting that very much. I realized I was showing off of my child and disrespecting their childhood so had to put a stop to it. 

But the requests kept coming in. I was like, what do I do now? And Bells told me to do the animal spirit, spirit animal guide, finding. I was like whaaa!? Bells told me that I could communicate with her just fine and that she would help me do the job. 

Interestingly enough, as this all happened the lady who found mine stopped offering it as part of her services.
In doing the work with Bells' guidance I found Diana Roth's website (that no longer exists but at least we have this website now), the most comprehensive easy to read website out there on the subject! And sometimes discovering ones that weren't on her list, and it has been wonderful. Now I add new ones here, and I am happy to take requests.

I love the natural world, and I love helping people find this connection. It's all done pro bono, and by donation, because I want to honor Diana's legacy and the legacy of all Animal Spirits - Spirit Animal Guides.  

Here are some definitions as I personally understand it. https://www.animalspirits.info/2023/01/what-is-spirit-animal-guide-different_11.html

Additionally, I created this audio for people who would prefer audio, and at that time in my life it was more convenient for me to talk instead of attempt to type things out. Included are some fun stories, so you may enjoy listening to it even if you read all the articles here. 

You can find out more about me on my website www.ladyofradiantjoy.org.

Blessings and Enjoy Today,
Ruth-Renate ^__^

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