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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Original Order of Appearance by Diana Roth

 For some reason unbeknowst to me, it was important for Diana to record all the animals as they appeared. My path with the animal spirits is a little different in that this was not a requirement. For me, they want more specificity when it comes to breed. I can't just say, guinea pig, what kind of guinea pig? What kind of cat? What kind of hummingbird? And slowly I will be adding some of these within the broader category. 

To honor Diana's path, I present to you, the animal spirits list in the order they appeared to her:

We have determined the order of our appearance
 Jaguar, Orca, Black Jaguar, Crow/Rook
Wolf, Lynx, Coyote and Rabbit/Hare
 Heron, Owl, Cheetah, Lion and Hummingbird
 Polar Bear, Tiger, Frog/Tadpole, Lizard and Mole
 Deer/Hart, Goose, Butterfly/Caterpillar, Duck,
Alligator/Crocodile and Mantis
 Otter, Fox, Swan and Bat
 Dolphin/Porpoise, Porcupine, Elephant and Eagle
 Horse/Pony/Mustang, Willie Wagtail, Squirrel, Badger, Giraffe
 Hawk, Dingo, Pelican and Vulture/Buzzard/Condor
 Caribou/Reindeer, Sea Eagle, Hippopotamus and Sheep/Ram/Ewe
 Buffalo/Bison, Spider, Opossum and Raccoon
 Snake/Serpent, Goat, Damselfly/Dragonfly and Skunk
 Turtle/Tortoise, Weasel/Ferret/Mink, Armadillo and Beaver
 Zebra, Penguin, Moose, Woodpecker/Sapsucker and Turkey
 Llama/Guanaco/Vicuna, Koala, Peacock/Peahen and Rhinoceros
 Seal, Antelope, Snow Leopard and Gull
 Leopard, Bee, Hyena and Cardinal/Redbird
 Black Panther, Baboon, Hedgehog and Jay
 Camel/Dromedary, Falcon, Lemur and Grouse
 Jackal, Goldfinch, Flamingo and Dove/Pigeon
 Mouse/Lemming/Vole, Cow/Bull, Roadrunner and Chickadee
 Octopus/Squid, Pig/Sow/Boar, Ant and Wasp/Hornet/Yellow Jacket
 Crab, Chicken/Cock/Hen, Warthog and Beetle/Ladybug
 Raven, Sloth, Gorilla and Donkey/Ass/Burro
 Orangutan, Kangaroo, Panda and Roach
 Elk, Manatee/Dugong, Parrot/Macaw and Ostrich
 Wolverine, Bluebird and Monkey
 Osprey, Cobra, Manta Ray and Grasshopper/Locust/Katydid
 Golden Eagle, Meerkat/Suricate, Shark and Robin
 Bear, Jellyfish, Anteater and Sparrow
 Chameleon, Quail, Walrus and Scorpion
 Salmon, Ibis and Rat
 Whale, Crane, Wren, Mongoose and Toad
 Dog, Cat, Echidna and Kingfisher/Kookaburra
 Bobcat, Tarantula, Seahorse and Meadowlark
 Wildebeest, Loon/Great Northern Diver, Hornbill and Platypus
 Egret, Blackbird, Tasmanian Devil and Oyster
 Musk Ox, Flying Fish, Snail/Slug and Finch
 Kiwi, Woodchuck/Marmot/Ground Hog, Peccary/Javalina and Piranha
 Sea Slug, Mosquito, Red Panda and Mockingbird
 Wild Dog, Albatross, Moth, Starling/Mynah
 Bee Eater, Bacteria/Protozoa, Hoopoe, Fly/Maggot/Gnat
 Eel, Centipede, Nuthatch, Kinkajou
 Kite, Titmouse, Swallow and Cricket
 Prairie Dog, Thrush, Magpie and Bush Baby
 Wombat, Pheasant, Salamander and Worm
 Lobster/Crayfish, Chimpanzee, Canary and Stork
Cockatoo/Galah, Virus, Anemone and Junco
Firefly, Anhinga/Cormorant, Goldfish/Koi and Toucan
Parakeet, Muskrat, Dhole/Asian Whistling Dog and Fish
Ocelot, Coral, Nightingale and Tick
Partridge, Shrimp/Krill/Prawn, Stinkbug and Fantail
Oriole, Cuckoo, Chipmunk and Komodo Dragon
Barracuda, Waxwing, Guinea Pig/Hampster and Snipe
Leafy Seadragon, Tapir, Civet and Cassowary
Clouded Leopard, Bass, Carp and Flea
Caracal/Desert Lynx/Red Lynx, Nighthawk, Waxbill and Cuttlefish
Aye-Aye, Puffin, Whydah/Widow Bird and Conch
Resplendent Quetzal, Lungfish and Clam/Mussel
Mandrill, Termite, Sandpiper/Peep and Sand Dollar
Binturong/Bearcat, Leech, Fruit Fly,
Shrike/Butcher Bird and Gallinule/Moorhen/'Alae 'Ula'
Gazelle, Flycatcher, Emu and Horseshoe Crab
Warbler, Booby, Mayfly/Shadfly and Secretary Bird
Clown Fish/Anemone Fish, Minnow, Pine Siskin
and Beta/Betta/Siamese Fighting Fish
Angelfish, Lionfish, Grackle and Marlin/Kajiki
Serval, Lorikeet, Frigatebird and Perch
Sea Turtle, Flicker, Hermit Crab and Kingbird
Pufferfish/Blowfish/Porcupine Fish, Caracara, Spoonbill and Starfish
Anole, Kudu/Nyala/Eland, Golden Lion Tamarin and Sponge
Walking Stick, Vervet Monkey, Rhinoceros Beetle and Dung Beetle
Oryx/Gemsbok, Sea Snake, Nautilus and Patas Monkey
Springbok, Soft-shell Turtle, Sea Fan and Waterbuck

 Maintained by Coelophysis
Dinosaurs walked the Earth for some 183 million years.
Travel to the distant past and learn from them.
Once again the each animal has chosen it order of appearance.
Archaeopteryx and Velociraptor
 Avimimus and Tyrannosaurus
 Triceratops and Coelophysis
 Stegosaurus and Iguanodon
 Allosaurus and Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus

 Maintained by Dragon
 Unicorn and Dragon
 Gryphon and Pegasus
 Gargoyle and Phoenix

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