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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Roly Poly, Pillbug


image by Cindy Bingham Keiser

Roly Poly/Pillbug's Wisdom Includes: *

    ∞ Cleansing the Earth
    ∞ Ancestral roots in the ocean.
    ∞ Gentleness
    ∞ Wisdom in being slow to trust
    ∞ Curling into one's self for protection
    ∞ Knowing when to open up and when to be on the move
    ∞ Survival
    ∞ Lending a helping hand
    ∞ Stewardship
    ∞ Honor in the "dirty" jobs

Note: The opening up curling up wisdom feels more like roly poly than pillbig. Not all of these terrestrial crustaceans (Armadillidiidae) roll up into a little ball for protection when feeling threatened, kinda like an armadillo. In my mind, roly polys are the ones that roll up, and pill bugs are the ones that don't. But, for whatever reason, they wanted to be presented together instead of separately. So, who am I to argue?

I love rollie pollies. (An alternate spelling for the search engine.)

*added by Ruth-Renate

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