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Wednesday, September 20, 2023



image by Lee E Harding

Tuco-tuco's Wisdom Includes:*
    ∞ Safety in the Earth
    ∞ Creating a path to obtain what's needed
    ∞ Diversity
    ∞ Diurnal living
    ∞ Finding value in homebody life
    ∞ Sacred Solitude
    ∞ Sacred Community

Story note from Ruth-Renate: The Tuco-tuco was the first spirit animal guide that I made contact with that I did not recognize. All I knew it was some kind of burrow animal that I was seeing. It took me a couple hours or so looking at all sorts of images of different burrow animals to try to find what I was seeing in my mind. I had no idea that tuco-tuco's existed, let alone so many varieties of them! Amazing. <3

*added by Ruth-Renate

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